May 28, 2010


ICC Georgia organized a roundtable at Radisson Blue Iveria Hotel to discuss the perspectives of Georgia’s foreign trade with neighbouring countries at a time many of them are still closing their markets to Georgian businesses or creating artificial obstacles.

The key note presenters were: Dr. Asad Alam, the World Bank Country Director for the South Caucasus and Mr. Fady Asly, Chairman of ICC-Georgia.

The speakers , ICC members and representatives from diplomatic missions presented their views on this important matter and on the steps that need to be taken to insure Georgian businesses of a full and unhampered access to the neighbouring countries.

ICC Chairman Fady Asly highlighted that Georgia has opened its doors for foreign businesses and welcomes them to conduct their activities in the country and enjoy a very favourable environment; however Georgian businesses are not treated the same in many neighbouring countries.

ICC’s aim is to solve the artificial problems that are created on purpose by neighboring governments to either prohibit or unlawfully overtax many Georgian businesses.

The Economic Conselor of the Azeri Embassy Mr. Shovgi Mehdizade, who attended the meeting, expressed the willingness of his government to resolve any awkward situation facing Georgian businesses through constructive dialog. Consequently Heidelberg Cement representative in Georgia expressed his wish to meet the Azeri authorities in order to end the unjustified ban on their cement exports to Azerbaijan.

As always ICC-Georgia has taken the lead to tackle a new crucial problem affecting Georgian businesses.