June 23, 2010

Expediency Issues for Georgia to Integrate into the EU Customs Union 

ICC-Georgia and PMCG held joint workshop on Expediency Issues for Georgia to Integrate into the EU Customs Union. The workshop was organized within the framework of the project funded by the German Marshal Fund of the United States.

The key speakers were Mrs. Tamar Beruchashvili- Vice State Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration and International consultants from Turkey and Bulgaria Mr. Cahit Gokçelik and Andrey Videnov who made presentations about their experiences of EU Custom Union integration process of their respective countries.

Special attention was paid to Turkey’s, as of non- EU country’s, case. Senior customs consultant from Turkey, who was personally involved in the process of Turkey’s integration into the EU Customs Union, discussed in details about process and reforms Turkeyhad to go through..

Mr. Andrey Videnov Former Director of the Post Clearance Audit Directorate in Bulgaria evaluated the customs system and experience of Bulgaria - newly accepted EU member. Mr. Videnov discussed the challenges during the harmonization process of Bulgarian customs system to EU standards and its results.

View the presentations:

1. Turkey’s Customs Reform Experience under the Auspice of Turkey-EU Customs Union – by Cahit Gokçelik

2. Bulgarian Experience in the EU Customs Union Integration Process - by Andrey Videnov

During the workshop the speakers also assessed the Georgian customs system, PMCG, Senior Consultant Mr. Bondo Bolkvadze made an Overview of Georgian Customs System

Mike Marsden - Senior Customs Consultant, EC funded project "Support to the Revenue Service of Georgia in the Area of Customs” made a presentation about Comparison of Georgian and EU customs system according to "Customs Blueprints

International Experts have developed policy recommendations for the Government of Georgia on the above-mentioned issue, that will serve as a ground for the next activities.

Representatives of Georgian Government, Parliament and business organizations attended the workshop, as well as, international organizations, experts and trade representatives.