September 22, 2010

ICC-Georgia meets Tbilisi Mayor Gigi Ugulava 

Tbilisi Mayor Giorgi Ugulava met with members of the International Chamber of Commerce - Ugulava introduced the implemented and ongoing projects and focused on the necessity to support businesses.
President of ICC Georgia Fady Asly in his introduction note highlighted the huge progress in the development of the city since the past years.

Mayor Ugulava informed the business community representatives about the plans for developing Tbilisi in terms of its infrastructure, construction of new roads, organizing street traffic and other further details, which are planned to be introduced in the capital in the coming years. Several other issues where discussed, such as: the prospects of opening markets in the Caucasus, and the issue of unemployment as a major problem the country faces; unemployment could be fought mostly through the activities of the business sector .
In his speech the Mayor also touched on the independence of business from government, as he noted, the only involvement of Government in the operation of businesses can be the creation of healthy business environment and good legislation. Mayor Ugulava promised the businesspeople that steps would be taken to further the integration of the business community in everyday life in order to support the development of the private sector and limiting bureaucratic activities.

Businesspersons mentioned the supportive role the Tbilisi Municipality can play to attract investors and asked the Mayor to outline the vision expressed in his speech in written form so that the businesspersons could have the opportunity to show this document to the investors intending to start business in Tbilisi.