February 11, 2011 - ICC Seminar

On February 10 and 11, 2011 ICC Georgia has organized seminar on Incoterms 2010 (the new revised ICC International Commercial Terms - delivery terms used in international and domestic trade) and Documentary Credits. The event was held at Radisson Blu Iveria and more than 40 various company representatives participated. The training was conducted by Mr. Pavel Andrle from ICC headquarters Banking Commission.

The first day covered practical Incoterms 2010 - the new revised ICC publication provided official meaning of ICC delivery terms. The workshop focused on practical usage of these delivery terms in international and domestic trade.

Second workshop day focused on specifications of Letters of Credit (L/C) terms in contract of sale, issuance of L/Cs and examination of documents under Documentary Credits - based on many practical examples and case studies.
Both trainings were very productive and informative for the participants. ICC Georgia is planning to continue to organize such seminars in future, bring in ICC experts and facilitate global business integration.