7 June, 2011-debate on Deep Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement with Europe

The presentation was opened by Fady Asly. Each panelist had 15 minutes to touch upon the most vital issues of DCFTA. Ms. Kovziridze, spoke about special procedures, which should be prepared by European Union and Georgia before formal negotiations get started. The attention should be drawn at legislative activities, institutional upgrade and capacity building. Some presenters expressed their threat regarding DCFTA, stating that Georgian economy will not gain but only lose. "Free movement of goods and services through borders is very valuable for our country, but we need to understand common market. We should consider the situation with Greece and not copy paste the regulations of other countries"-said Gia Jandieri.
Lively debate took place after the presentations. There were interesting questions arisen and answers were also very professional. H.E. Dimitrov expressed his positive view regarding Georgia signing DCFTA, saying that "European Union is committed to help Georgia in many ways and will continue its support. More steps taken towards European Union- more gain to Georgia".
The aim of this debate was to give the business community better vision of DCFTA and to provide various stakeholders the opportunity to present their findings and arguments.