26 September, 2011- Lithuanian Business Mission

Following Lithuanian companies were presented at the event:

Company name Company activity
 JSC "Aremikas" Trade of heating and bathroom equipment. Production of solid fuel boilers Žvakė (CANDLE)
 JSC "Beržūna" Trade of optician products, ophthalmology and medical equipment
 JSC "Edvardo servisas" Repairs of automobile bodies, chassis and engines
 JSC "Grūstė" Wholesale and retail trade of food products and non-food products, public catering services
 JSC "Ingman ledai" The most modern manufacturer of ice-cream and waffle cones in the Baltic countries
 JSC "Juodasis gintaras" Heating of the buildings-technology from GAMO (Canada) and using thermo-foam into the air gaps from FOMEPOR (Denmark)
 JSC "Paslauga TAU" Cleaning, maintenance areas, and so on.
 JSC "Meksimela" Production of electric energy in hydropower plants.
 JSC "Omnitel" representation in Šiauliai The biggest mobile connection company in the Baltic countries. Belong to "Telia Sonera" group
 JSC "Saurida" Wholesale and retail trade of oil products and liquefied gas
 "Translandijos transportas" International cargo transfers, logistic services, rent of special technique
 JSC "Žemaitijos agroprekyba" Panning of plant growing, plating, maintenance all year around
 JSC "Jubana"JSC "Jubana" Marketing of tractors, harvesters and their parts
 JSC "Taumona" Doors, furniture, wood products
 JSC "VJ projektai" Construction project management, maintenance
 JSC "Mažeikių mėsinė" Production and preserving of meat