The Board Members of ICC Georgia meet ICC Ukraine Delegation - 10 August, 2012

ICC Georgia Board of Directors hosted ICC Ukraine delegation headed by ICC Ukraine Chairman Volodymyr Shchelkunov on 10 August, 2012. The main purpose of the visit was to explore prospective vectors of business interaction.
The meeting was opened by welcoming speech of Mr. Fady Asly describing main activities of ICC Georgia and introducing the changes that had been carried out within the last couple of years. Mr. Asly stated that Georgia's business environment is convenient for foreign investors as the corruption-free environment as well as the simplified bureaucratic procedures make Georgia very attractive.
Within the scope of the meeting following issues were discussed upon Ukrainian delegation request; Alternative sources of energy, transport and logistics, cooperation between the sea ports of the two countries aimed to setting up conditions for trade and joint use of sea sector of itinerary under the intergovernmental agreements: the Baltic and the Black sea in Asia-Europe trade". Besides business partnership aspects of cooperation between two National Committees was discussed for the mutual benefit.
The mission of ICC Ukraine is formation of entrepreneurial culture through the promotion of national business, international cooperation and promoting regionally standards, norms and ethics of modern business. They establish partnerships with the clients all over the word to identify best opportunities for their business in Ukraine, address most critical issues in their strategy, and move their business to Ukraine.
In the course of their stay in Georgia, the delegation attended a series of meetings with high-ranking Georgian government officials.