ICC Georgia Press Conference regarding current strikes in Poti Port

On November 2nd, 2012 International Chamber of Commerce hosted Press Conference regarding ongoing strikes in Poti Port. Chairman of International Chamber of Commerce Mr. Fady Asly, together with General Director of Poti Sea Port Mr. Joseph Crowley addressed the issue of unusual rise of unrest within various social and business sectors in the country.
For the past few weeks Georgia is witnessing a series of strikes within several corporate sectors and in different regions the aim of which is to destabilize the country and weaken the newly appointed government.
The current strike in Poti Port has resulted in the paralysis of the Port that is the economic lung of the country and the region.
Since mid October and as a result of the political changes in the country there have been systematic attempts aiming at undermining the new government of Georgia all of it under the cover of "social demands" such as the squatting of several buildings in Tbilisi by allegedly socially vulnerable people, chronic unrest in some prisons and wide spread strikes calling for 100% increase in salaries and some other impossible to meet demands.
Those well planned and remote controlled actions are criminal in essence and have a very negative impact on the business climate and on the economy of the country.
Poti Port is the entry gate for the Caucasus and Central Asia and cannot be taken hostage and held at ransom by a bunch of paid people who through manipulation of honest but gullible workers intend to achieve their criminal goals.
ICC supports the legitimate rights of workers but condemns in the strongest terms the negative impact that these illegitimate and politically motivated strikes and social actions are having on businesses and on the image of Georgia and therefore request the Prosecutor Office to investigate immediately and uncover the parties involved in instigating those destructive movements in the country.
ICC supports the policies of the new government and commends its efforts aiming at creating an independent and fair judiciary as well as putting an end to artificial monopolies and harassment of businesspeople. We however call the government to assume its responsibilities and take immediate action to put an end to this wave of instability that is scaring off equally foreign investors and Georgian businesses.