ICC Georgia Social Gathering 2 November, 2012 / First Private Club

On 2th of November ICC Georgia with the sponsorship of Sounders Group held a social gathering for the members and the diplomatic corp. First Private Club offered a great venue for the occasion. The clubs effortless charm and atmosphere perfectly served the purpose of the event.
The main theme of the event evolved around the promotion of Sounders Group which was arranged by ICC and is going to be presented by Business courier live on Rustavi 2 television. The event kicked off with a small preview of the footage that will be used by Business Courier for the promotion purposes. The guests were also offered an equal opportunity to employ same means in order to promote their businesses and activities. Mr. Sounders personally thanked ICC and the members for the support and pointed out the significance of organization's mission in Georgia and the region in general.

After the formal part of the event guests had a chance to relax and socialize with the colleagues and invited diplomats. Some of the future perspectives were discussed as well as new ways of cooperation and opportunities for new partnerships amongst the separate members.
Overall the event received an extremely positive feedback and ICC intends to continue hosting these types of meeting is the future.