The Georgian National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce is the largest and most vocal global Business Association, it includes over 350 corporate and youth members and 27 business associations.


The Chamber was officially established in 2002 as the Georgian chapter of the International Chamber of Commerce. Since taking office in early 2008, ICC Georgia's selected board of directors has been extremely active and dedicated to improving the business and investment climate in the country.


Today ICC Georgia unites leading companies and business associations within Georgia. A dynamic and energetic business organization in the country represents a wide array of business sectors and partner organizations.


ICC-Georgia has had the opportunity to engage many of the policy makers in a dialogue including the president of Georgia, speaker of parliament, prime minister and cabinet of ministers, opposition leaders, members of diplomatic missions and international financial institutions.


“Active, prominent and strong leadership.”

“First of all, ICC Georgia is great because of its strong leadership. Secondly, ICC Georgia is better than other organizations as it is mostly oriented on developing business in Georgia and not only on making profit. The new idea to help young people in increasing their professionalism is one more proof that ICC Georgia is determined to help the country in its development. ICC Georgia is also promoting business opportunities in Georgia and attracting foreign investors. I am sincerely wishing you much success in your future activities.”

“ICC Georgia’s voice and opinion is taken into consideration”

“ICC Georgia’s skills and competences differentiate it from the others as well as its vast local and international channels.”

“Strong, creative and flexible leadership.”

“Strong leadership - while other organizations in the country kept silence, ICC Georgia almost never hesitated to speak up about the issues concerning business life in a very brave manner.”

“Strong Strategic Focus on Future Development.”

“Profound Analyze Capability.”

“Proactive and Initiative.”

“ICC Georgia is an organization which caters for all businesses, doing business in Georgia, on equal basis irrespective of the origin of the Company, or the citizenship of their owners. The well established connections of the management with local governmental and business personalities and structures lets the problems to be aired and discussed at various forums and levels for optimum solution.”

“ICC Georgia is a national committee of International Chamber of Commerce which is the leading business organization in the world. Moreover national committees from different countries can easily communicate with each other and connect business people from various states. ICC Paris is elaborating the standard terms and clauses for international trade and business transactions that are implemented and promoted in the states through the national committees. Consequently ICC Georgia is the most reputable business organization in Georgia.”

“All members have equal say and equal voting rights.”

“Most vocal publicly”

“Awesome people”

“Best CSR in action.”

“ICC is the most active among others. Government values and takes into consideration ICC Geogia's voice since it has majority of international organizations active in Georgia as its members.”

“Strong leadership and willingness to unquestionably support its members.”

“ICC Georgia is more friendly and professional than any other business organization.”

“ICC Georgia and its leadership is more upfront and frank.”

“Benefits of ICC Georgia membership are really valuable. As a university, our main concern is to provide opportunities for career advancement for our students. With the help of ICC Georgia, our students are involved in business-related activities, meet practitioners from the business world, establish contacts which will help them build their careers, and receive business news and updates. This way they complete their academic knowledge that they receive at IBSU.”

“ICC Georgia is more independent in expressing its views regarding every issue which becomes important in the country. ICC Georgia also gives more freedom to its committees to carry out their activities and more room to its members to express their opinions and ideas.”

“What differentiates ICC Georgia from others is that ICC Georgia works closely with the government and brings the issues which are of particular interest of businesses, without being afraid of criticism from the government side.”

“ICC Georgia is not linked to any country interests or business community, it is independent and authentic.”

“ICC is better than other business organizations because it is more active and updated to the latest development in the country's economy and also serious and helpful in informing businesses.”


The ICC Consultative Board is the only body of its kind in the business community in Georgia, consisting of eight ambassadors, three major international financial institutions, and two major international organizations. The issues raised are subsequently advocated to the government through a multi-pronged approach by the ICC stakeholders to effect positive changes in the business and investment climate.




ICC Georgia can offer training sessions, seminars, and conferences tailored to your needs.  Ranging from ICC Products and Services, to meeting with local experts and officials we can put together such events with your requests.  We also plan these throughout the year based upon current events and demands. 




Commissions are our working groups that offer the opportunity for the leaders in our community to develop projects, advocate policy, and communicate requests and concerns to the government.  Our commissions are led by their respective chairperson. 




Luncheons and roundtables are held based on current events.  ICC Georgia communicates with its local networks to hold interesting presentations from the government, private sector, and international community for its members to get insightful and up to date information. 



ICC Georgia and its members collaborate and hold social events bringing increased awareness to our members and offering the opportunity for networking. 


ICC Youth

ICC Georgia began the Youth Project in 2013.  The idea behind the Youth Project is to develop future business leaders of Georgia by providing a platform to interact with current leaders in business and government, internships, training opportunities, and the ability to network.  The Youth Project also conducts an annual business plan competition under ICC Georgia and its members’ leadership.  The Youth Project has its own elected Board of Directors and a Chairperson who also serves on the ICC Georgia Executive Board as the 3d Vice Chairman.