ICC Georgia First Vice Chairman
Founder of PMCG-Georgia

Former high-ranked Georgian government official, Mr. Aleksishvili was the Minister of Finance (2005-2007) and the Minister of Economic Development of Georgia (2004-2005). The country's economic and fiscal policy management has been improved significantly under his strong leadership. Due to economic and structural reforms that were carried out by his ministry, Georgia jumped in the World Bank's rankings and has been nominated as the world's number one reformer in 2006 and 2007.
Mr. Aleksishvili's diverse background serves him well in both public and private sector. At present, Mr. Aleksishvili is a board member of Kala Capital, an investment holding.
Mr. Aleksishvili holds MA in Public Finance and Management from Duke University (Durham, NC, USA) and a Masters degree in International Economic Relations from Tbilisi State University (Georgia).