In September 2013, BDO started working with the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) on a new report exploring companies’ customer service strategies worldwide with the intention of examining the link between customer service and financial performance.

The objective of the survey was to provide BDO with a unique insight into the customer service plans of 800+ senior executives worldwide, as well as provide us with a platform through which to continue to build thought leadership in line with our Exceptional Client Service narrative.

The research revealed a number of surprising findings and it seems that although the majority (84%) of respondents believe customer service is important to financial performance, few (36%) have a formal strategy in place to measure its impact.

The Executive summary of the Report summarises the research’s top level findings and also provides an insight into what to expect from the full Report. Please see RoS Executive Summary.

Please click here to download the full Report of BDO’s RETURN ON SERVICE. The Report raises a number of questions that business leaders need to answer so that they can strive to remain competitive and increase the level of customer loyalty to their business. We hope you find the results of the Report interesting and useful.