On 16 March 2018 ICC Georgia’s CSR Commission held a meeting. In parallel to the Meeting , Caucasus Environmental NGO Network CENN gave a presentation regarding waste management and “Keep Georgia Beautiful” campaign.

Keep Georgia Beautiful is a large-scale environmental campaign initiated within the Waste Management Technologies in Regions, Phase II (WMTR II) program, which is implemented by CENN and funded by USAID. It aims to clean littered areas and maintain their cleanliness in cooperation with the private, public and civil society sectors.

In addition, through its WMTR II program, CENN offers member organizations assistance in establishing waste separation (paper, glass, PET plastic bottles and aluminum cans) systems in their institutions. According to the Waste Management Code of Georgia, from February 2019 it will become mandatory for all municipalities in the country to start waste separation. At the same time, by the end of 2019, the GoG will develop a scheme of Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR) that requires the manufacturer of a product to design the product in a way that ensures its proper disposal and recycling of the product waste.

Therefore, it is an ideal time to start separating waste now in order to be prepared by 2019 and, at the same time, further establish the green image of the company. CENN is ready to facilitate cooperation with its partner recycling companies to help establish waste separation at your companies and institutions.

For more information about CENN’s mission please visit web-site: www.cenn.org