Commissions are our working groups that offer the opportunity for the leaders in our community to develop projects, advocate policy, and communicate requests and concerns to the government.  Our commissions are led by their respective chairperson.

The HR Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce aims to strengthen HR function in organization. With this idea, committee supports HR specialists in their further development by share best practices, engaging experts  of different fields and tackle challenges together.

For this very purpose, meetings, trainings and discussions on current issues are organized within the committee.

HR Committee works in several areas:

  1. Support the development of HR specialist
  2. Raise awareness and promote the HR management function and role
  3. Share best practices and international experiences

Chair: Salome Argvliani


Mob: +995 599 08 43 79

To implement higher professional standards, to advocate business and consumer rights to the local government. To create and share educational frameworks, and to help legitimize and legalize the real estate profession. To promote business networking, local and international, and to advocate favorable conditions for foreign investors in Georgia.

Chair: Marika Abuashvili


Mob: +995 595 55 07 11

Vice-Chair: Vaja Mebagishvili


Mob: +995 598 70 10 07

The ICC Georgia Startups Commission was established in order to play a major role in improving and completing the startup ecosystem by covering missing gaps and facilitating foreign investments in the country. 

Startups Commission intends to set up Georgia as a startup nation by giving its ecosystem a stronghold for technologies and business development. It will provide a strategic value proposition for European startups that are looking for outsourcing possibilities. 

Startups Commission aims to develop a BPO sector in the country, expand business networks and events, offer and facilitate full service packages to newcomers in the market, and provide educational and mentorship programs.

Chair: Ali Attar 


ICC commissions are specialized working bodies composed of business experts who examine major issues of interest to the business world. Therefore, in 2021 ICC Georgia created Education Commission. The mission of this commission is to increase the productivity of Georgian business society by improving their skills and abilities with life long learning policy. To organise different kind of organizations such as trainings, panels, disscussions, talks and so on. As well as, ICC Georgia Education Commission strives to promote intercultural dialogue.

Chair: Saffet Bayraktutan


ICC Commercial Law Commission promotes model contracts and other clauses and guides elaborated by ICC among Georgia’s business community.  The Commercial Law Commission works with various stakeholders to achieve improvement of Georgia’s civil and commercial legislation.  The Commission provides information to its members and wider business community about the legislative developments and latest court precedents that could affect their operations.

Chair: Sandro Bibilashvili


The purpose of ICC Georgia Arbitration Commission is to promote the use of ICC’s world-class dispute resolution services in Georgia and the wider region. In close cooperation with the ICC International Court of Arbitration and in furtherance of  the 2018 MOU between Georgia and the Court, the educational and awareness-raising activities of the Commission aim to position Georgia as the regional center of arbitration and alternative despite settlement – all with a view to facilitating better serving the needs of the dispute settlement users in the broader East European and CIS region.

Chair: Nick Gvinadze


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To cooperate with Government in taxation policy and amendments to the tax law, update business organizations on upcoming changes to the taxation system and risks, promote transparent and non-discriminatory treatment of foreign investments and earnings.

Chair: Irakli Gaprindashvili


Mob: +995 599 557 556

The ICC Georgia Banking Commission ensures professional input in rule-making process from local point of view in global perspective. It serves as an ambassador of ICC Paris to keep up-to-date Georgian business and banks on new developments related to international rules and expert opinions thus contributing in facilitation of smooth involvement of domestic actors in international trade.

Chair: Tamara Khizanishvili


The space for businesses to engage in constructive discussions on practical issues related to Georgia’s competition policy.

Chair: Ana Rekhviashvili


Mob: +995 551 215 777

The Intellectual Property Commission is the forum for business on issues arising from intellectual property and innovation policies/regulationsThe Commission is focused on the promotion of IP as a positive tool to help drive success.

Chair: Kakha Sharabidze


Mob: + 995 599 55 99 88

Public Relations Commission supervises and assesses public attitudes, and maintaining mutual relations and understanding between an organization and its public. It improves channels of communication and to institute new ways of setting up a two-way flow of information and understanding.

Chair: Giorgi Skhulukhia


Given the current challenges and realities in the Internet and Internet technologies, a new committee on Internet technologies, Internet security and stability has been set up within ICC Georgia called Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity. The Committee will assist ICC Georgia members in developing and protecting their critical infrastructure as much as possible, introducing new e-services and modules, which will be the basis for the development of their activities.

Chair: Vladimer Svanadze


Mob: +995 577 155 168

Development of both external and internal tourism, settlement of issues related to legislation and the private sector, support of foreign investors in the information and legal sphere, maintaining high standards.

Chair: Mariam Tevzadze


Mob: +995 595 075 720

Vice-chair: Nina Bitkash


Mob: +995 555 622 232

The aim of the CSR Committee is to support the implementation of sustainable and important
CSR projects in Georgia. The Committee supports its member companies/organizations in the
creation and execution of CSR strategies. Consultations, meetings, trainings and discussions are
being held for the members of the CSR Committee.

The following directions are covered by the Committee:
• Raise awareness regarding Corporate Social Responsibility and new tendencies
• Support development/strengthening of CSR direction within the companies
• Support development of CSR Managers of the companies
• Share best practices and experiences of CSR (both local and international)
• Promote the CSR activities of the members of the Committee

Chair: Ketevan Zhvania


Developing environmental protection culture, conducting related activities for country and businesses, assist companies to go green and promote green businesses, support companies in SDG and EPR related issues.

Chair: Kamran Parizad 


Points for Environmental Committee:

• Developing environmental protection culture,
• Conducting related activities for country and businesses,
• Assist companies to go green and promote green businesses,
• Support companies in SDG and EPR related issues

Vice-Chair: Beka Ponjavidze