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ICC is the world’s most networked business organisation reaching over 45 million companies in more than 170 countries – a total employment footprint of over 1 billion people. Joining ICC makes business sense. Become part of our network.

Why you should join ICC Georgia?

Joining the International Chamber of Commerce in Georgia (ICC Georgia) offers exceptional benefits and opportunities for businesses aiming for growth, networking, and establishing a strong presence in the global market. Below are the expanded reasons why joining ICC Georgia stands as a strategic decision for businesses:

Protection of Members’ Interests

Dedicated Advocacy: ICC Georgia champions the interests of its members, advocating for policies that foster a conducive business environment at both local and international platforms.

Guidance on Regulations: Members receive up-to-date support and information on legal and regulatory changes, crucial for navigating the complex landscape of international trade.

ICC Academy in Singapore

World-Class Professional Development: Access to the ICC Academy’s extensive range of professional development programs, from short-term certifications to in-depth training in various business disciplines, all designed and conducted by industry experts.

Global Standard Training: Courses are designed to equip businesses with the skills and knowledge to thrive in the global marketplace.

ICC Court of Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Center

Expert Dispute Resolution: The renowned ICC Court of Arbitration offers an efficient, trusted forum for resolving commercial disputes, providing peace of mind to member businesses engaged in international trade.

Networking Opportunities

Meet the Global Business Community: Benefit from global, regional, and local meetings, conferences, and workshops that enable meaningful networking with business leaders and peers worldwide.

World Chamber Federation Network: Membership opens doors to a network spanning 12,000 chambers worldwide, enhancing collaboration and partnership opportunities.

Access to a Global Network

Connect with 46.5 Million Businesses: ICC Georgia membership means joining a vibrant community of 46.5 million businesses of all sizes across all industries, offering unmatched networking and business expansion possibilities.

Leverage Collective Insights: Gain valuable market insights and trends from a broad, experienced global network.

Platform for Growth and Visibility

Enhanced Business Visibility: Membership elevates your brand’s visibility and reputation on a local and international scale.

Exclusive Resources: Access to a wealth of resources, including insightful research, market analyses, and expert white papers that inform strategic business decisions.

Special Nomination Opportunity

ICC Global Commissions Involvement: ICC Global hosts various commissions dedicated to key business themes and challenges. ICC Georgia uniquely extends the opportunity to nominate professionals from within its membership network to these commissions, allowing for direct involvement in global dialogues and the chance to influence international standards and policies.

Advocacy for Business Causes

A Unified Voice for Business: ICC Georgia empowers businesses to advocate collectively for global business causes and policies that foster economic growth and sustainability.

Joining ICC Georgia transcends traditional networking; it’s an engagement in a comprehensive support system that safeguards business interests, fosters professional growth, and offers unparalleled access to a global business network. This strategic alliance not only positions businesses for success but also involves them in shaping the future of global commerce.

Membership Packages

Sponsorship Corporate
For the companies who want to receive an all-inclusive package For all the other companies
5000 $ 1800 $

The filled application form of the membership should be submitted to the following email address: