ICC Youth Project

ICC Georgia’s Youth Project aims to provide students with practical work experience, develop relevant skills for today’s competitive market, and expand their network.

First of all, we believe that as one of the largest business associations representing the private sector, which operates not only in Georgia, but in more than 120 countries, it is our responsibility to empower youth – the future generation of the country as much as we can.

The young people will be participating in the project will have the opportunity to be directly involved in the internal activities of the Chamber, as well as to meet the representatives of our member companies and have active communication with the entire network of the organization.


1. Attendance of ICC Georgia’s events, social events, conferences, board meetings, etc.;

2. Involvement in planning and implementation of ICC Georgia’s events, involvement in local, international conferences, work process at ICCOMERCE, etc.;

3. Once a month youth board meeting and brainstorming, coming up with new ideas and implementing them, in accordance with the chamber’s resources in case of need, finding sponsors among our members;

4. Meetings with the heads of our committees;

5. Field visits to the offices of our member companies;

6. Internship opportunity in our member companies;

7. After 1 year, the board will be recruited from the beginning, and the “alumni” group will be created from the previous members, who, if necessary, will share their experience with the new members of the project.