Why join the ICC World Chambers Federation?

When you join the ICC World Chambers Federation (WCF), you become part of the forum that connects chambers across borders, creating a better environment for business and MSMEs, while driving prosperity and opportunity for all.

What are the benefits of joining the World Chambers Federation?

Joining WCF enables chambers to:

  • Acquire world class status.
  • Expand their network with peers in over 100 countries and with key international organisations.
  • Stay updated on the global challenges and opportunities that chambers are facing worldwide.
  • Improve, develop and digitise trade documentation activities.
  • Be part of the next generation of tailor-made solutions for chambers and small businesses.

Institutional leadership

As a member, Heads of chambers are eligible to take up a leadership position within the World Chambers Federation: ​

  • Propose a candidate and vote at the WCF General Council election
  • Propose a candidate to chair the WCF Certificates of Origin Council  and the World ATA Council
  • Become eligible as a member of the ICC Executive Board
  • Pioneer as a founding member of the ICC National committee of your country​
  • Become eligible to lead a WCF Task Force

Download our WCF membership brochure to see all benefits.

WCF membership brochure