ICC Georgia held 1st Consultative Board Meeting of the year 2019 in Holiday Inn Hotel.

This was closed working meeting focusing on the ongoing business climate in Georgia, planned reforms and most frequent problems.
Mr. Alexander Pitchka, JTI Caucasus General Manager gave a presentation regarding the Business operating environment in Georgia – Enforcement and Execution of regulations.
Mr. Erick Livny, the Chairman of the Economic Policy Commission presented a brief about the Georgian economic development – challenges and concerns.
Mr. Giorgi Oniani, the Deputy Executive Director of Transparency International Georgia assesed the Judiciary System in Georgia.
Mrs. Eka Egutia, the General Counsel of TBC Bank discussed the recent developments around the TBC Bank and Anaklia Port.
The Chairman of ICC Georgia discussed the Investment climate in Georgia and 3 key challenges that Georgia is up against.
The Consultative Board members, the Ambassadors, Executive Board members and ICC’s member representatives then had the opportunity to have a general discussion regarding the above mentioned topics.

ICC Georgia would like to thank JTI for supporting the Consultative Board Meeting and thank TBC Bank and BGI Legal Services for their contribution.