Main Challenges for Academic and Professional Education of Accounting & Auditing in Georgia was held on April 23, 2019, in Holiday Inn. The event was attended by representatives of international organizations, businesses and business associations, Audit and accountant organizations representatives.

The meeting was divided into 3 sessions:

1st Session: International context of education and challenges to Georgian reality. Major trends impacting the future of the accountancy profession, in particular – trends affecting small- and medium-sized practitioners. Implications of the mentioned trends for the future of accountancy education and training both globally and in Georgia.

2nd Session: Introducing incentives and challenges. New accounting education challenges; visions and mission of SARAS; certification of the audit profession and continuous professional development and engagement of universities in training of SMEs in IFRS for SMEs. Best practice of how to integrate information and communication technologies into financial education

3rd Session: SARAS presenting the findings of Accountant’s Survey and Panel .Connections between different professions – link between CPA (rankings) – CIA – Evaluator – CFA – CIMA, Employer needs (Business and Audit firms HR departments – Universities, Vocational trainings); Importance of the profession for internal growth of the enterprise and communication with the financial institutions discussion.