ICC Georgia held 2nd Consultative Board Meeting of the year 2019 in Holiday Inn Hotel.

This was closed working meeting focusing on the ongoing business climate in Georgia, planned reforms and most frequent problems, an overview of the recent developments in regard to the Economic developments in the country.

“Judiciary System in Georgia : Status Quo & challenges” was discussed by Eka Gigauri,”Fiscal and Economic situation in Georgia” by Giorgi Khistovani and Mamuka Khazaradze discussed the newly found Public Movement “Lelo”.

The presentations were followed by an open discussion between the Consultative Board members and ICC Georgia members.

BACKGROUND The ICC Consultative Board is the only body of its kind in the business community in Georgia, consisting of ten ambassadors, three major international financial institutions, and two major international organizations. The purpose of the Consultative Board is to bring together members of the diplomatic and business communities on a quarterly basis to discuss the business and investment climate in the country. The issues raised are subsequently advocated to the government through a multi-pronged approach by the ICC stakeholders to effect positive change in the business and investment climate.