🔊 ICC Georgia welcomes it’s new Member: კამპა Campa !
“CAMPA” Ltd is a Georgian company that is famous for its delicious juices and nectars.
Established in 2008 and operating for more than 13 years, we offer a wide range of products made from high-quality, natural raw materials. CAMPA’s products are created for those, prioritizing quality.
CAMPA incorporates 5 brands, producing a wide range of juices, nectars and still drinks, that are made from finest ripe fruit grown locally in Georgia, as well as abroad. Our suppliers of raw materials are leading fruit processors worldwide, our quality control managers choose our partners very carefully to achieve the best flavors possible.
The secret to our company’s success lies in a balanced use of the best raw materials, professional production lines and innovative technologies. Compared to conventional sterilization techniques and hot filling, our aseptic technology guarantees sterility and a long shelf life, achieved through a flash-heating process that allows nutrients and the original flavors to be retained.
We comply with the EU Juice Directive and strictly follow the code of practice laid out by the AIJN (European Fruit Juice Association). Our company is certified according to the Food Safety Management System standard (ISO 22000).
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