ICC Georgia Arbitration Commission is pleased to announce Eastern Europe & CIS Arbitration Conference taking place in Tbilisi on 13 May 2022.
This Conference will aim to provide an interactive debate on the latest trends, prospects and challenges of international arbitration in the wider Eastern Europe & CIS region.
We are delighted that Claudia Salomon, President of the ICC International Court of Arbitration will visit Tbilisi on this occasion, and will be joined by Malgorzata Surdek-Janicka, Vice-President of the ICC Court, Jose Feris and Vladimir Khvalei, Vice-Chairs of ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR, as well as ICC Court Members from across the region: Natalia Alenkina (Kyrgyzstan), Renata Beržanskienė (Lithuania), Ketevan Betaneli (Georgia), Feruza Bobokulova (Uzbekistan), Ercument Erdem (Turkey), Jirayr Habibian (Armenia), Triinu Hiob (Estonia), Aigoul Kenjebayeva (Kazakhstan), Alexandre Khropoutski (Belarus), Maria Kostytska (Ukraine), Luminita Popa (Romania), Ina Popova (Bulgaria), Julia Zagonek (Russia), and Galina Zukova (Latvia).
This is a must-attend event for anyone interested in the present and future of international arbitration in our wider region. Thank you for reserving the date in your calendars and further information on the venue and registration will follow in due course.
Kudos to Nick Gvinadze, Chair of ICC Georgia Arbitration Commission and Belt & Road Ambassador of the ICC Court, for his leadership in organizing this important conference!