Joint Commission Meeting of Commercial Law, Tax and HR on Tuesday, September 8,2020

The Commission’s meeting serves as a discussion & knowledge sharing session, provision of latest updates of the fields where the representatives of the private sector will have the opportunity to discuss the latest legislative developments.

The meeting was led by the Commercial Law Commission Chairman-Sandro Bibilashvili, Tax Commission chairman- Irakli Gaprindashvili and HR Commission chairwoman-Salome Argvliani.

Agenda: Discussion on the latest legislative developments:

1. Law on Anti-Dumping Measures taking effect from January 2021

2. Law on Investment Funds

3. Enacted and planned changes in the legislation on securities markets

6. Bill on Law on Entrepreneurse

7. Bill on Law on Entrepreneurs

8. follow up amendments to the tax code in regard to the Law on Investment Funds;

9. Impact of the tax relief adopted in May 2020 for different businesses.