We are delighted to announce the ICC Global initiative- “soft launch” of SME360X during the SDG Business Forum.

This was an important step for making this new ICC product available for businesses from all over the globe, making sustainability everyone’s business.

SME360X is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform co-created by ICC and GIST that measures the impacts of business operations on the environment.

SME360X is a digital assessment tool for SMEs to measure and value their impact on the environment. After an SME enters their basic environmental data into SME360X, the platform automatically provides an estimated sustainability score and assessment based on a global sustainability benchmarking system.

There are many external risks that threaten the survival of businesses everywhere. A company’s factory location that was relatively risk-free when it was set up decades ago could now be facing extreme risks from stressed water resources and severe shifts in weather patterns. A ban on single use plastics could threaten the survival of a company. Community protests could lead to the shutdown of an industrial operation.

SME360X will help its users identify the environmental risks that are most material to their business.

SME360X enables users to:

• Measure, economically value and manage business impacts on nature and the environment.
• Compare environmental performance with regional and sectoral peers and competitors.
• Receive a single, understandable environmental impact score (PIE Score).
• Decide which improvement and abatement initiatives are most impactful.
• Easily and affordably report on sustainability performance.
• Obtain a Global Sustainability Certification from ICC.
• Data belongs to you: highest level of security ensured using blockchain storage.

Benefits of Registration
Pre-registration for SME360X will give you the opportunity to trial the tool and provide us with feedback so we can cater to your needs better. You will also be able to attend workshops and learning sessions centered around environmental impact assessment and valuation.

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