Index of Foreign Economic Dependency that is prepared by the International Chamber of Commerce in Georgia in both English and Georgian languages.

In this research that covers the years 2003, 2012 and 2022, we have identified the economic weight of 12 countries in addition to the EU that represent in total about 90% of the economic activity of Georgia.

This Index is computed by adding together for each country or group of countries (EU), the total imports, exports, money flow, FDI and income from foreign travel.

The total for each country is compared in percentage to the total foreign economic activity and to the nominal GDP.

The 3 years are also compared together to find out the evolution of the economic activity for each country throughout the past 20 years.

From 2023 and onward, ICC-Georgia will be preparing this index on a quarterly basis to assess regularly the economic impact on the country for each economic partner.