Kindly find attached an analysis prepared by ICC-Georgia in English and in Georgian regarding Georgia’s Foreign Economic Dependence. (GFED)

– The Foreign Economic Dependence Index is calculated by ICC by adding together for each country in the survey (12) the total of the following parameters:
Imports + Exports + Money flow + FDI + Income from Foreign Travel. (5 parameters)
– The economic weight of each country is proportional to the percentage this country represents from the Grand Total and from the GDP

We have calculated the results for 3 different years:
2003 (End of Shevardnadze’s Term).
2012 (End of Saakashvili’s Term).
2022 (Ivanishvili’s Administration).

For better comprehension of the Tables, please do read the methodology and the notes in the document prior.

* The same analysis will be done every quarter to monitor on a regular basis the changes in GFED.