The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has today launched a new Centre of Entrepreneurship in Tbilisi, Georgia, to support the business environment for entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in the country and across the Central Asia and Caucasus region.

The new Centre of Entrepreneurship will work with various stakeholders in Georgia and the wider Caucasus region, including local business organizations and academic institutions, to support entrepreneurs and accelerate the transition of small businesses and startups into cross border commerce by providing high-impact training, digital platforms and market opportunities.

Over 50 Georgian business leaders and international representatives joined ICC Secretary General John W.H. Denton AO and ICC Georgia Chairman Fady Asly in officially launching the Tbilisi hub of the ICC Centre of Entrepreneurship at an event held in the country’s capital.

As you just heard, the Centre is thought to play a very important role in strengthening and improving the startup and business ecosystem in Georgia, where SMEs represent more than 90% of businesses, thereby stimulating economic growth and the creation of job opportunities. Through the center, youth and aspiring entrepreneurs will also be able to gain knowledge and acquire new skills as ICC aims to shape and inspire the future generation of business leaders.

Director and Head of Transformation at International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) headquarters David Antia will be personally involved in setting up the Center in Georgia.

Expert in corporate strategy, organizational transformation, business and operating model re-engineering, performance improvement, change management, and project delivery, David Antia has the background in Strategy & Ops Management Consulting in two Big 4’s—EY and Deloitte—across five industries (international organizations, financial services, asset management, pharmaceuticals, and telecommunications) and more than 10 countries.

Antia left Georgia with the family when he was just 14. The Checkpoints had a chance to talk to the professional face-to-face.

A Conversation with David Antia, Head of Transformation, ICC on the launch of the ICC Centre of Entrepreneurship.